Prunus tenella

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Noun1.Prunus tenella - Asiatic shrub cultivated for its rosy red flowers
almond tree - any of several small bushy trees having pink or white blossoms and usually bearing nuts
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The Sleep, Prunus Tenella, Peppermint Parlour, Jacknife Disciples, The Corn Circles (subject to a name change) and the Retro Choir, (Who release their debut single, Ozymandias, on Chariot Records on January 14) will ensure 1991 takes off where 1990 ended.
pontica 60, Poa sterilis 30 Festuca valesiaca 10, Bromopsis taurica 3, Filipendula vulgaris 3, Salvia nutans 3, Thymus roegneri 1, Adonis vernalis 1, Prunus tenella 1, Asperula tenella 1, Bellevalia speciosa 1, Centaurea scabiosa subsp.
We salute you Proud Marys, Third Uncles, Papa's New Faith, Watermelons, Prunus Tenella, The Sleep...