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During the month of August 1881 my brother resolved to reveal the teaching of the Eternal Recurrence, in dithyrambic and psalmodic form, through the mouth of Zarathustra.
constantly sung in public worship." (25) But psalms and psalmodic
All make provision for music, either explicitly in the form of fanfares, songs or dances, or implicitly through the use of verse or psalmodic interpolations that would presumably have been sung or intoned.
It achieves these objectives through a consideration of predications about God in some of the earliest sections of Jewish liturgy that, though expressed in psalmodic idioms, are drawn ultimately from Biblical narratives.
The album makes its culminating and convincing point with the very cultivated and painstakingly produced layering of the two chant traditions, when the psalmodic recitation of the Lotus sutra by the Buddhist monks, underlined by the striking of the mokugyo drum (literally "wooden fish"), is at the same time a drone for the cantio Ave virgo gloriosa (track 10), and when the glissando sliding melody of the solo chant Amida kjo is integrated with the austere, ascetically returning entrances of the Kyrie IV (track 12).
In Marot's earlier works, his princely redeemer reinforces the sacred alliance with Christ in Le Temple de Cupido (1513-14), liberates the poet from hell in L'Enfer (1526), and reflects God in the psalmodic subtext of "Au Roy, pour avoir este desrobe" (1531).
Despite these efforts to rely on wall-to-wall ditties, psalmodic chant still figures prominently in the Weekday liturgy.
Michael Kramer attempts a comparison between Sachs and Celan, particularly with regard to their later works, illustrated with poems from the early, middle, and late periods, and shows the growing points of mutual contact, whereby Celan's greater linguistic scepticism can give rise to the impression that Sachs's work is more easily understandable and closer to everyday language, yet it is psalmodic and concerned with the incapacity of our available language to express human concerns.
Wilson does not, however, examine parallels with contemporary psalmodic improvisatory practices in Catholic Europe and Britain which might otherwise leaven descriptions of Anglican practices, although she does refer to a few relevant studies.
I am sorry to be unable to send a special contribution to the number of the REVIEW marking its arrival at the Psalmodic age of three-score and ten, but I may say that I am probably among its earliest readers still living, as I began to buy it when I was less than two years old []].
In his praise of the legislators of France, he removed the psalmodic formula, "Your name will be eternal like the moon", and replaced it with a classical allusion, "[Y]ou have erected a monument more durable than bronze".(58) The assurance that the representatives of the nation, in imitation of Solomon, would "guide us in the ways of uprightness" was changed to read, "[T]hey will give you laws founded upon the immutable bases of nature and justice".
Canlate Domino canticum novum is one of Part's more joyous works and shows an awareness of the balanced textual and musical binarisms of traditional psalmodic practice.