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Noun1.Psenes - a genus of Stromateidae
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
family Stromateidae, Stromateidae - butterfishes: harvest fishes; dollar fishes
driftfish - small (6 inches) tropical butterfishes found worldwide
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The potential of caprifig genotypes for sheltering Blastophaga psenes L.
Nomeidae Cubiceps pauciradiatus 150 Psenes pellucidus 15 Psenes sio 6 55 Nomeidae sp.
Various pelagic fishes and invertebrates (zooplankton, jellyfish, siphonophores, crustaceans, and polychaetes) have been seen along the ridge, including mesopelagic fishes, freckled driftfish, Psenes cyanophrys, scombrids (juveniles and a large tuna), a thresher shark, Alopias pelagicus, a possible blue shark, and squid, Sthenoteuthis oualaniensis and Onychoteuthis [46, 48, 49].
For example the yeast Candida carpophila has been found in Blastophaga psenes (fig wasp), Xestobium plumbeum (bark beetle), Batrocera oleae (olive fly), and ants, as well as general habitats such as fruits, soil, and tree surfaces (Lachance et al.
(pollinator Blastophaga psenes L.), there is no strong competition for the "gall flowers"; thus, the foundresses, especially the first ones to oviposit, do not adjust the sex ratios up to a certain limit n= 5-10 (Kjellberg et al.