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n. pl.1.(Biol.) Microscopic organic particles, molecular granules, powdered inorganic substances, etc., which in form, size, and grouping resemble bacteria.
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The Brazilian Pseudobacteria longipes Toledo Piza, 1938 was errorneously placed in Paracalynda by Zompro & Domenico (2005), although this species has a much longer median segment, dorsally raised basitarsi, a well-developed vomer, paired ventral thornpads on the posterior margin of the anal segment, short and simple cerci and the stigmata of tergum VIII positioned in the anterolateral angles of the corresponding segment.
Pseudobacteria picta utilaensis Zompro, 1998: 215, figs.
Zompro (1998) originally described Pseudobacteria picta utilaensis based on material originating from Utila Island (Honduras) some kilometres off the south coast of Belize and regarded this as a subspecies of P.