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10,18) Occasionally pseudomembranes and pseudopolyps may be detected, findings that can be pitfalls in the misdiagnosis of CMV colitis as pseudomembranous colitis.
In the few previously reported cases of upper airway mucormycosis, the most common findings were edema, vocal fold immobility, necrotic ulcers, nodular granulomas, and intraluminal pseudomembranes.
Around the third week of radiotherapy, more severe symptoms of mucositis, such as the formation of pseudomembranes and ulceration, may appear.
Yuruk and colleagues (17) observed some non-specific and subjective intraoperative findings, such as stones covered by pseudomembranes in the urinary tract.
Tarsal pseudomembranes, which consist of necrotic tissue and fibrin on an intact epithelial surface, can be seen in acute fulminant disease.
4,5) Patients with AIDS may develop a more fulminant form of candidiasis, with trapping of barium between innumerable plaques and pseudomembranes, producing a so-called shaggy esophagus (Figure 2B).
59,60) Pseudomembranes can be removed by debriding them from the palpebral conjunctiva using a sterile, wet cotton bud or forceps, after instillation of topical anaesthetic.
Data on exudative pseudomembranes in the pharynx were incomplete at the time of evaluation of AFP and were not part of the screening examination in poliomyelitis surveillance.
Denture stomatitis affecting denture wearers is an inflammation of palatal mucosa characterised by creamy white pseudomembranes.
The exudate forms pseudomembranes seen on colonoscopy.
Pseudomembranes underlying the affected cuticle were observed in 10 lobsters with severe ESD.