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n.1.(Geom.) The surface of constant negative curvature generated by the revolution of a tractrix. This surface corresponds in non-Euclidian space to the sphere in ordinary space. An important property of the surface is that any figure drawn upon it can be displaced in any way without tearing it or altering in size any of its elements.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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This is the classical pseudosphere model of Beltrami (see Figure 3).
Benedicte Gyldenstierne Sehested's slumped figures joined Mariechen Danz's pseudosphere in confronting two fantastical "beings" from the mind of Mark Barker.
The (2 + 1)D spacetime [S.sub.(1]) is identified with the orbit of the origin of the spacetime O = ([s.sub.3], [s.sub.[mu]]) = (1,0,0,0) which is contained in the pseudosphere provided by [I.sub.(1)]:
The profile is known as pseudosphere, with negative Gaussian curvature, in agreement with results reported before (FRANK; KARDAR, 2008).
The curves lying on a pseudosphere [S.sup.2.sub.1] in Minkowski 3-space [E.sup.3.sub.1] are characterized in [8].
Actually, we will show the de Sitter pseudosphere, the hyperbolic pseudosphere, and five kinds of catenoid satisfying the above condition.
It was actually a case of a geographical map, a mappa mundi of the non-Euclidean universe, immediately followed by simpler models of the same kind, eliminating certain distinctive characteristics and limitations of Beltrami's pseudosphere, constructed by Felix Klein and Henri Poincare.
[1998] give a simple round-by-round construction that unifies the synchronous, semi-synchronous, and asynchronous message-passing models of distributed computation within a common formalism based on a topological construction called a pseudosphere.
He simply cut a series of "latitude" and "longitude" circles out of plywood and built a pseudosphere 231/2 inches in diameter.
On the other hand, the system on the two-sphere or on the pseudosphere is related to some interesting generalizations of the planar Landau level problems [31, 32].