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n.1.(Geom.) The surface of constant negative curvature generated by the revolution of a tractrix. This surface corresponds in non-Euclidian space to the sphere in ordinary space. An important property of the surface is that any figure drawn upon it can be displaced in any way without tearing it or altering in size any of its elements.
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Soliton equation can be derived from pseudospherical surfaces. Extensions to other soliton equations are straightforward.
In this section, we introduce the general procedure for deriving soliton equations from pseudospherical surfaces. The metric tensor field for the PDE is given by
Sinh-Gordon Equation Derived from Pseudospherical Surfaces. Sinh-Gordon equation and elliptic sinh-Gordon equation appear in wide range of physical applications including integrable quantum field theory, kink dynamics, fluid dynamics, and nonlinear optics [29-31].