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n.1.(Anat.) A group of cells resembling a stoma, but without any true aperture among them.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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This family is characterized by specimens with shells made up of endogenous material, with discoid or hemispherical shape and centered pseudostoma (Souza, 2008).
They measured the height and length of the teak, and the diameter pseudostoma in one or more specimens.
The pictorial key was based on morphological characteristics (Figure 2) used to identify testate amoebae species: shape and ornamentation of the shell, presence or absence of undulations on the surface, types of ornamentation of the pseudostoma and presence or absence of borders and invaginations.
Ventral face, circular shell, circular and central pseudostoma, pores present around pseudostoma.
Shell width 99.08-89.40[micro]m; height 35.43-26.82[micro]m; pseudostoma 21.87-19.45[micro]m.
Ventral face, circular shell with two inner circles which innermost is the pseudostoma aperture and the other is the beginning of the border with stretch marks.
Shell width 85.52-76.38[micro]m; height 47.98-29.28[micro]m; pseudostoma 23.80-16.88[micro]m.
Remarks: Lateral face, hemispherical shell, domed, slightly wavy, with border at the edge of the shell and buccal tube external to the shell, with collarette at the extremity of the pseudostoma. Ventral face, circular shell with circular and centered pseudostoma, pores around the pseudostoma.
Shell width 96.32-92.43[micro]m; height 45.23-43.21 [micro]m; pseudostoma 21.86-20.83[micro]m.
Necropsy revealed the presence of one species of pentastome (Sebekia mississippiensis), three species of nematodes (Dujardinascaris waltoni, Brevimulticaecum baylisi, Brevimulticaecum tenuicolle) and eight species of trematodes (Acanthostomum coronarium, Acanthostomum loossi, Acanthostomum pavidum, Archaeodiplostomum acetabulata, Crocodilicola pseudostoma, Dracovermis occidentalis, Polycotyle ornata and Pseudocrocodilicola georgiana).