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Noun1.Pseudotaxus - one species
gymnosperm genus - a genus of gymnosperms
family Taxaceae, Taxaceae, yew family - sometimes classified as member of order Taxales
Pseudotaxus chienii, white-berry yew - yew of southeastern China, differing from the Old World yew in having white berries
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pseudotaxus, and Erythrophleum africanum are locally dominant tree species [16,24-28].
pseudotaxus, Diplorhynchus condylocarpon, Erythrophleum africanum, Julbernardia paniculata, Monotes africanus, Pericopsis angolensis, and Terminalia brachystemma.
pseudotaxus and Brachystegia spiciformis dominated the mature stands, while Erythrophleum africanum, Julbernardia paniculata, and Diplorhynchus condylocarpon characterized the medium-aged stands and old fallows.
pseudotaxus may also be related to sites which are unsustainable for agriculture, therefore, rarely hit by fire; according to local knowledge these areas are normally used for other activities, such as honey production.
Florin (1948, 1958) argued that Taxus and its related genera Amentotaxus, Austrotaxus, Pseudotaxus, and Torreya differed significantly from other conifers and should be segregated in their own class, mainly because the ovule is terminal on a shoot in this group and lateral in other living conifers.
Austrotaxus and Pseudotaxus are known only from New Caledonia and the Zhejiang (Chekiang) Province, China, respectively.
The pollen strobilus is less obviously compound in Pseudotaxus and reduced to a simple structure in Taxus and Torreya.
Resin is organized into a canal in the leaves of Amentotaxus (Keng, 1969), appears in scattered cells in the foliar parenchyma of Torreya, is found only in the roots and wounded stems of Taxus (Bliss, 1918), and is lacking in Pseudotaxus and Austrotaxus.