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Noun1.Psilotaceae - small family of lower ferns having nearly naked stems and minute scalelike leaves
fern family - families of ferns and fern allies
order Psilotales, Psilotales - lower vascular plants having dichotomously branched sporophyte divided into aerial shoot and rhizome and lacking true roots
genus Psilotum, Psilotum - type genus of the Psilotaceae
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tonkinensis (Giesenhagen) Ching Psilotaceae * Psilotum nudum (L.) P.
Knapp (eds.), Flora Mesoamericana vol.1: Psilotaceae a Salviniaceae.
The ferns and ferns-allied of Costa Rica, Panama, and the Choco (Part 1: Psilotaceae through Dicksoniaceae).
Subclase compuesta por dos ordenes, ambos con una familia de distribucion mundial, Psilotaceae y Ophioglossaceae, las dos presentes en nuestro pais y solamente la segunda en Mendoza.
We examined 33 plants, representing diverse members of the plant kingdom ranging from whisk fern, Psilotum nudum (Psilotaceae) to tobacco and discovered 18 plants that contain a chemical inactivator(s) of nNOS.
Part B covers eight species, beginning with Psilotaceae and ending with Woodsiaceae.
Para las familias Dicksoniaceae, Metaxyaceae, Psilotaceae y Saccolomataceae se obtuvo informacion para el 100 % de las especies con distribucion en Mexico, si bien cabe mencionar que estas familias solo estan representadas por una o dos especies (Cuadro 2).
The ferns and ferns-allies of Costa Rica, Panama, and the Choco (Part 1 : Psilotaceae through Dicksoniaceae).
of Peradeniya and government agencies of Sri Lanka and the Overseas Development Administration of the UK, contributors offer the latest on fern allies such as psilotaceae and isoetaceae, leptosporangiate (aquatic) ferns such as salviniaceae and marsileaceae, and the full range of eusporangiate ferns.