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Noun1.Psilotum - type genus of the Psilotaceae
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
family Psilotaceae, Psilotaceae - small family of lower ferns having nearly naked stems and minute scalelike leaves
whisk fern - chiefly tropical clump-forming plants of skeletal appearance resembling whisk brooms; lacking roots
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tonkinensis (Giesenhagen) Ching Psilotaceae * Psilotum nudum (L.) P.
Gomez-Pompa y Castillo-Campos (2010), en el Atlas de la flora de Veracruz, describen dentro de lo que llaman las especies notables a Polypodium eatonii y Psilotum complanatum, ambas epifitas.
IKEBANA professor Serapion Metilla is proud of his Psilotum nodum which won the award for Best Fern Non-Rosette Type.
Como ocasionales se encuentran Cyrilla nipensis, Clusia tetrastigma, Schefflera morototoni, Dracaena cubensis, Koanophyllon polystictum, Senecio polyphlebius, Callicarpa resinosa, Andropogon virginicus y Psilotum nudum.
We examined 33 plants, representing diverse members of the plant kingdom ranging from whisk fern, Psilotum nudum (Psilotaceae) to tobacco and discovered 18 plants that contain a chemical inactivator(s) of nNOS.
Even the most primitive leafless vascular plants such as Psilotum are not helpless prey, but are loaded with nasty-tasting purgative phlobaphenes.
Ophioglossum californicum, Psilotum nudum and Equisetum
Los movimientos del tapete y la formacion de las camaras plasmodiales tambien son similares a lo descrito para Psilotum nudum (L) P.
There are some surprising cases in which the gametic chromosome number range between n = 52 to 208 (Psilotum Sw.) or n = 104 to 208 (Tmesipteris Bernh.).
Los movimientos del tapete y la formacion de las camaras plasmodiales son muy similares a los descritos por Parkinson (1987) para Psilotum nudum (L.) P.