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Noun1.Psittacus - type genus of the Psittacidae: usually restricted to the African greyPsittacus - type genus of the Psittacidae: usually restricted to the African grey
bird genus - a genus of birds
family Psittacidae, Psittacidae - coextensive with the order Psittaciformes
African gray, African grey, Psittacus erithacus - commonly domesticated grey parrot with red-and-black tail and white face; native to equatorial Africa
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Key words: endoscopy, foreign body, ingluviotomy, proventriculus, African grey parrot, Psittacus erithacus, hyacinth macaw, Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus
Consequences of base modification in hummocks of the barnacle Austromegabalanus psittacus.
3 Cirripedia Austromegabalanus psittacus (Molina, 1788) 1,2 1,6 Verruca laevigata (Sowerby, 1827) 5,9 6,5 Balanus laevis Bruguiere, 1789 4,5 3,8 Maxillopoda Copepoda Harpacticoidea indet.
herbivoro 39296 9 Caprella equilibra predador 1030755 Cirripeda 10 Austromegabalanus psittacus filtrador 10 Decapoda 11 Euryypanopeus crenatus predador 6 12 Hepatus chilensis predador 13 Pilumnoides perlatus predador 23 BRYOZOA 14 Bugula cuculifera filtrador 15 Bugula neritina filtrador 16 Tubularia sp.
eigenmanni (Van der Stigchel, 1946) TETRAODONTIFORMES Tetraodontidae Colomesus psittacus (Bloch & Schneider, 1801) Family TL (cm) Cs min-max CHARACIFORMES Anostomidae 20.
Lack of canonical E6 and E7 open reading frames in bird papillomaviruses: Fringilla coelebs papillomavirus and Psittacus erithacus timneh papillomavirus.
ABSTRACT The economic feasibility of culture of the giant barnacle Austromegabalanus psittacus (Molina, 1782) in southern Chile is analyzed.
Austromegabalanus psittacus, Balanus laevis, Pollicipes elegans, se encontraron principalmente en las boyas las cuales se presentan mas cerca de la superficie (las de reflote), y en la misma superficie, como las boyas senalizadoras.
The list concerns: several species of blastomussa from Indonesia (coral); chamaeleo gracilis from Benin (chameleon); two species of euphorbia from Madagascar (plant); geochelone pardalis from Mozambique (leopard tortoise); several species of mantella from Madagascar (small, brightly coloured frog); species of naja from Laos (cobra) (for which import restrictions were recommended in April 2004 to all parties to the Convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora); psittacus erithacus from Nigeria (African grey parrot); and ursus arctos from British Colombia, Canada, as a hunting trophy (brown bear).
Psittacus erithacus timneh, Using the Polymerase Chain