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Noun1.Psocidae - a family of small soft-bodied insects that feed on decaying vegetation; related to booklice
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
Corrodentia, order Corrodentia, order Psocoptera, Psocoptera - an order of insects: includes booklice and bark-lice
psocid - small winged insect living on the bark and leaves of trees and feeding on e.g. fungi and decaying plant matter
genus Liposcelis, Liposcelis - a genus of Psocidae
genus Trogium, Trogium - a genus of Psocidae
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Psocidae is the largest family within the psocodean Suborder Psocomorpha.
The monophyly of family Psocidae is supported by both morphological and molecular data (Johnson & Mockford 2003; Yoshizawa & Johnson 2008).
Le siguieron en abundancia las familias Psocidae, Curculionidae, Miridae, Thripidae y Tingidae (Figura 3).
Other common families were Psocidae (common barklice), Sciaridae (dark winged fungus gnats), Formicidae (ants) and Coccidae (scales) (Table 2).
Psocidae es actualmente considerada la familia de psocopteros mas diversificada, agrupando aproximadamente 900 especies en cerca de 80 generos.
The greatest number of species was recorded for Psocidae followed by Lachesillidae and Peripsocidae.
Among the insects taken, I found 14 families (Protroctopsocidae, Amphientomidae, Liposcelididae, Epipsocidae, Amphipsocidae, Dasydemellidae, Caeciliusidae, Lachesillidae, Peripsocidae, Ectopsocidae, Philotarsidae, Elipsocidae, Psocidae and Myopsocidae), and 25 genera of Psocodea: 'Psocoptera'.