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Noun1.Psophia - type genus of the Psophiidae: trumpetersPsophia - type genus of the Psophiidae: trumpeters
bird genus - a genus of birds
trumpeter - large gregarious crane-like bird of the forests of South America having glossy black plumage and a loud prolonged cry; easily domesticated
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Four species (gray-winged trumpeter Psophia crepitans, collared peccary Pecari tajacu, white-lipped peccary, red brocket deer Mazama americana) were recorded at 17 to 19 cameras (Table 1), indicating that they were widely distributed both on and off trails.
Psophia leucoptera, Pipile cumanenses y Aburria aburri han sido extirpadas del area de uso comunal.
Psophia leucoptera, Pipile cumanenses and Aburria aburri had been extirpated from the area used by the community.