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Noun1.psychiatric hospital - a hospital for mentally incompetent or unbalanced personpsychiatric hospital - a hospital for mentally incompetent or unbalanced person
hospital, infirmary - a health facility where patients receive treatment
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This episode picks up three months after Bob has checked himself out of a psychiatric clinic. He's still not a well man and he may be about to break Gwen's heart - again.
The psychiatric clinic in Ostmarka is scheduled to be completed in September 2021.
Islamabad Psychiatric Clinic and Rehabilitation Center Chief Executive Officer Dr Shahid Akhter was the guest speaker at the occasion and talked on different aspects of the use of drugs in the country, a pres release said.
Shahid Akhter, the CEO of Islamabad Psychiatric Clinic and Rehabilitation Center was the guest speaker at the occasion.
The film talks about a story of a young man recently released from a psychiatric clinic that has a rare condition he feels no pain.
Speaking at the inaugural session, Dr Unaiza Niaz, director of the Psychiatric Clinic and Stress Research Centre in Karachi and visiting professor at the Dow University of Health Sciences, appreciated the centre's efforts in the field of mental health.
The Psychiatric Clinic of the University Clinical Center of Sarajevo (KCUS) will participate as a partner in two projects over the next three years, in cooperation with Queen Mary University of London, the WHO Collaborating Center on Mental Health Services Development.
As psychiatrist-in-chief at the Henry Phipps Psychiatric Clinic at John Hopkins Hospital, Meyer was instrumental in establishing psychiatry as a rigorous clinical science and trained many of the leading psychiatrists of the time.
The boy, who had been living in the area since April, had spent a week at a psychiatric clinic being treated for depression.
Andreas Lubitz had been referred to a psychiatric clinic two weeks before plunging the Airbus 380 into the French Alps a year ago.
Earlier in her career, she led the successful implementation of electronic medical records at a psychiatric clinic. She also brings experience from the health insurance industry as a former liaison with Molina, Aetna and Premera Bud Cross.

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