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Noun1.psychiatric hospital - a hospital for mentally incompetent or unbalanced personpsychiatric hospital - a hospital for mentally incompetent or unbalanced person
hospital, infirmary - a health facility where patients receive treatment
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Elnahal said that the health department is making additional capital investments to improve the safety and environment of psychiatric hospitals in the state.More than $4.8 million has been allocated to reduce suicide risks at Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, upgrade the fire alarm and doors at AKFC and install a new roof to protect the building that provides power for Ancora Psychiatric Hospital.
It operates Chicago Behavioral Hospital and Ridgeview Institute and is developing additional psychiatric hospitals near Atlanta, Chicago and Seattle.
I believe at one time it was one of the largest psychiatric hospitals in Europe."
However, providing support services in psychiatric hospitals for family members has received only limited attention.
Four tenders for the supply of food to both patients & employees, also maintenance of kitchen equipment to subordinated psychiatric hospitals country wiode including (a) Abbassia & Helwan Hospitals, (b) El Khanka & Heliopolis Hospitals, (c) Menia, Assuit & Asswan Hospitals & (d) Mmoura, Port Said & El Azazii Hospitals, also Shabra Qas, Tanta, Shebin El Kom, Benha & El Demeira Hospitals.
And so it is, I find, with the design of psychiatric hospitals. The intelligent and highly educated people who are brought together in preliminary design meetings frequently fail to consider whether there is evidence to support what they have come to "know" about psychiatric facility design.
A $75 million demonstration project will test whether Medicaid patients with psychiatric emergencies would get better care at psychiatric hospitals.
Cost also enters into the discussion of another alternative to the Junction City hospital - five 16-bed psychiatric hospitals scattered around the state, along with a half-dozen secure residential treatment centers.
According to Al-Ajhuri, requiring patients to travel long distances in order to reach psychiatric hospitals goes against rules set forth by the World Health Association that state that psychiatric patients must not spend more than 20 minutes to reach a hospital.
"This initiative aims at involving the hospitalized in socio-rehabilitation activities by realizing artistic works and represents a pilot project for all psychiatric hospitals in Lebanon," a statement by the Italian Embassy said.
THERE were more than 100 escapes from psychiatric hospitals in England and Wales last year, it emerged today.

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