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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Bog-lights, vapours of mysticism, psychic overtones, soul orgies, wailings among the shadows, weird gnosticisms, veils and tissues of words, gibbering subjectivisms, gropings and maunderings, ontological fantasies, pan-psychic hallucinations--this is the stuff, the phantasms of hope, that fills your bookshelves.
Similarly those abnormal psychic states which are not inborn, but arise from the concomitance of certain other elements, and are difficult to remove, or altogether permanent, are called qualities, for in virtue of them men are said to be such and such.
Without warning, the psychic battle between the two individualities began afresh.
I do know that I was growing nervous, standing there like a psychic fool with all your solemn faces turned upon me."
While the rest argued pro and con and the air was filled with phrases,--"psychic phenomena," "self-hypnotism," "residuum of unexplained truth," and "spiritism,"--she was reviving mentally the girlhood pictures she had conjured of this soldier-father she had never seen.
He had talked to the man who called himself a magician, and not only surprised but scandalized the company by an equally sympathetic familiarity with the most fantastic forms of Oriental occultism and psychic experiment.
How that is possible we shall see later." What he calls a thought (Gedanke) cannot be reduced, according to him, to other psychic occurrences.
It's wings are typical of the aerial powers of the psychic faculties.
Perhaps such scientific natures have some psychic prevision of the most tremendous problem of their lives.
A best selling author, regular magazine columnist, Psychic to the Stars and one of the world's top five psychics and now in Abertillery.
Pat Beers, Donna Bretz and Greg Nicholas, two of Seeds of Wellness' regular psychics, are offering psychic readings along with Liz Madsen, Don Schilk, and Josephine Schrader.
Several Western psychics and 'sensitives' have observed that when they are in the Philippines, their psychic abilities are enhanced and their telepathic powers become stronger.