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Language characterized by the often inaccurate use of jargon from psychiatry and psychotherapy: "Discussions ... sometimes ... consist of consciousness-raising psychobabble, with the students' feelings and experiences valued as much as anything the professor or texts have to offer" (Karen Lehrman).

[Coined by Richard Dean Rosen (born 1949), American writer.]

psy′cho·bab′bler n.


(Psychology) informal the jargon of psychology, esp as used and popularized in various types of psychotherapy


(ˈsaɪ koʊˌbæb əl)

writing or talk using jargon from psychiatry or psychotherapy without particular accuracy or relevance.
[popularized by a book of the same title (1977) by U.S. journalist Richard Dutch. Rosen (b. 1949)]
psy′cho•bab`bler, n.


obfuscating language and jargon as used by psychologists, psychoanalysts, and psychiatrists, characterized by recondite phrases and arcane names for common conditions.
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Noun1.psychobabble - using language loaded with psychological terminology
jargon - specialized technical terminology characteristic of a particular subject


[ˈsaɪkəʊˌbæbl] Nverborrea f, jerga f de psicólogos


n (inf)Psychogeschwätz nt
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The thorny categorization of events, plaited together with psychoanalyst psycho-babble and obscured schemas is a riveting page turner from the introductory lines right on to the near catastrophe surrounding Constance occurring in the last chapter.
As droning Gill dispensed her silly psycho-babble (which they all ignored), Darren Day snarled: "I've had enough of this bollocks.
And, from the self-justifying, psycho-babble he has posted on Facebook, he appears also to be none too bright.
She must stop preaching (see: the aforementioned Goop), giving ludicrous interviews about how much harder it is to be a movie star mum than a civilian one, and using over-inflated psycho-babble terms to describe simple things.
In a statement, and unabashed LA psycho-babble just in the background, he said: "While my career as a player will soon be over, I will stay connected on many levels to the beautiful game.
In those split seconds instinct surely trumps all the planning and the psycho-babble and reading the flinch in the eye.
After spewing the usual useless psycho-babble they are asked impossible questions to which they give impossible answers.
Spouting an appealing but impenetrable stew of sub-Freudian psycho-babble and claiming his self-help movement, The Cause, can rid anyone of past trauma, Dodd hires Freddie as his right-hand man as he cruises down the East Coast, spreading s the word.
Brendan Rodgers SOMEONE should tell the Liverpool manager that he needs to rein in the psycho-babble while he's learning.
How on earth anyone still buys into the Sky Sports psycho-babble that tries to convince us game after game that the Premier League is the best competition on earth is beyond me.
But despite the psycho-babble of those who claim victimhood simply from watching two planes slice monstrously through the Twin Towers, most of us don't own this disaster.
Kuper avoids psycho-babble and at times can be extremely funny and insightful - as his piercing examination of the standard 'footballer's autobiography' template shows.