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Any of various organisms, especially certain archaea, bacteria, and fungi, that thrive at low temperatures between about 10°C and 20°C.

psy′chro·phil′ic (-fĭl′ĭk) adj.
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Three replications of the study were performed and in each replication, physicochemical parameters were evaluated in triplicates (n = 9); Six samples from each treatment were measured for texture profile analysis (n = 18); 15 Filled sensory proforma for each treatment were collected (n = 45); Fatty acid profile, total plate count, psychrotroph count and TBARS number were evaluated in duplicate (n = 6).
The results showed that the specific methane yield and volatile solids removal in the fermentation system inoculated with psychrotroph flora had been enhanced by 28.
They determined protein stability, total bacterial counts, psychrotroph counts, Enterobacteriaceae counts and injured cell counts throughout 28 days of aerobic and anaerobic storage of the samples at 4.
05) activity of clove oil against Listeria monocytogenes, a commonly found meat spoiling psychrotroph during storage.
The average initial psychrotroph counts on uninoculated chicken carcasses were low at 1.
Psychrotroph counts and Enterobacteriaceae counts were reduced more by the treatments than total bacterial counts were, while no Enterobacteriaceae growth was observed throughout the storage period.
The psychrotrophs are a real problem for the vendors who stored the fruit products under refrigerated conditions; usually 7-10 [degrees]C.
The commercial phytosterol preparation exhibited no antimicrobial activity toward psychrotrophs in the milk samples.
In a separate study on cow milk by Bjork [19], suppression in psychrotrophs population was observed for 5 days after activation of the LP-system.