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 (sĭl′ə-sī′bĭn, sī′lə-)
A hallucinogenic compound, C12H17N2O4P, obtained from mushrooms chiefly of the genus Psilocybe.

[New Latin Psīlocybē, mushroom genus (Greek psīlos, bare + Greek kubē, head) + -in.]


(ˌsɪləˈsaɪbɪn; ˌsaɪlə-)
(Elements & Compounds) a crystalline phosphate ester that is the active principle of the hallucinogenic fungus Psilocybe mexicana. Formula: C12H17N2O4P
[C20: from New Latin Psilocybe (from Greek psilos bare + kubē head) + -in]


(ˌsɪl əˈsaɪ bɪn, ˌsaɪ lə-)

a hallucinogenic crystalline solid, C12H17N2O4P, obtained from the mushroom Psilocybe mexicana.
[1955–60; < New Latin Psilocyb(e) genus of mushrooms (< Greek psīló(s) bare + kýbē head) + -in1]
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Noun1.psilocybin - a hallucinogenic compound obtained from a mushroom
hallucinogen, hallucinogenic drug, psychedelic drug, psychodelic drug - a psychoactive drug that induces hallucinations or altered sensory experiences


n psilocibina
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(8) I.e., psylocibin; Happy Patches (a); MDMA/Xstasy (bad news, though, X); various low-tech manipulations of the benzene-ring in methoxy-class psychedelics, usually home-makable; synthetic dickies like MMDA, DMA, DMMM, 2CB, para-DOT I-VI, etc.--though note this class doesn't and shouldn't include CNS-rattlers like STP, DOM, the long-infamous West-U.S.-Coast 'Grievous Bodily Harm' (gamma hydroxybutyric acid), LSD-25 or -32, or DMZ/M.P.
Salvia-using young adults in this study used a range of other psychoactive drugs, particularly marijuana and hallucinogens, as well as others such as LSD and psylocibin. Indeed, many modeled their consumption of salvia on their past experiences using marijuana--experiences which provide a knowledge base on utilization.