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1. A yellow crystalline compound, C6H4N2, having two fused six-member aromatic rings each containing two nitrogen atoms and four carbon atoms. One of the rings is a pyrimidine; the other is a pyrazine.
2. Any of a group of organic compounds derived from this compound, including folic acid and the pigments of butterfly wings.

[German Pteridin : Pter(in), pigment of insect wings (from Greek pteron, wing; see -pter) + -id, -ide + -in, -ine.]


(Chemistry) chem a yellow, crystalline, heteroaromatic compound having a bicyclic molecular structure; any substituted derivative of this, examples of which occur naturally, esp as vitamins of the B group and insect pigments. Formula: C6H4N4
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The fluorescent substance is probably produced by the interaction of fungi with growing hairs and these substances were pteridines.
Fish skin colour is mainly attributed to the presence of chromatophores that contain pigments including melanins, pteridines, purines and carotenoids (34).
The levels of some pteridines increased significantly if there is a tumour inside the body.
Increased transport of pteridines compensates for mutations in the high affinity folate transporter and contributes to methotrexate resistance in the protozoan parasite Leishmania tarentolae.
Later, Barthelmess and Robertson (1970) found that the levels of a variety of other fluorescent pteridines changed in selection lines; they verified that this was not due to inadvertent direct selection.
Phenolic substances (13, 14), flavins (11), pteridines (8), and polyphenolic compounds (21) have also been reported to be fluorescent in this region under UV excitation.
Pteridines often reside in "little bags [pigment granules] hanging down inside the scale that you can see through little transparent windows," Davis says.
The chemistry of the pteridines has developed during a period of over a century and to undertake a general review of the area is no mean task.
Hyperhomocysteinemia, pteridines and oxidative stress.