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Noun1.Pterodactylidae - a reptile family in the order Pterosauria
reptile family - a family of reptiles
order Pterosauria, Pterosauria - extinct flying reptiles: pterosaurs
genus Pterodactylus, Pterodactylus - a reptile genus of Pterodactylidae
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Recently there has been some debate concerning synonymy among these taxa (Lu et al, 2006; Lu et al., 2008) and Haopterus gracilis Wang and Lu, 2001 has now been transferred from Pterodactylidae to Istiodactylidae (Lu et al., 2008) In some of these istiodactylids the teeth differ from Istiodactylus in being slightly more elongate (e.g Longchepterus), but in others they differ very little from Istiodactylus, making it very difficult to refer the teeth to a genus with confidence.