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Noun1.Ptilocercus - pentailsPtilocercus - pentails        
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
family Tupaiidae, Tupaiidae - tree shrews; in some classifications tree shrews are considered prosimian primates
pentail, pen-tail, pen-tailed tree shrew - brown tree shrew having a naked tail bilaterally fringed with long stiff hairs on the distal third; of Malaysia
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boliviana, and Hyla pulchella (Manzano, 1996); in arboreal mammals as Ptilocercus and Tupaia (Le Gros Clark, 1924, 1926); in Macaca mulata (Howell and Strauss, 1933); in ateline monkeys (Youlatus, 2000); and in tree squirrels (Thorington, 1997).
On the anatomy of the pen-tailed Tree-Srew (Ptilocercus lowii).
Of particular interest is Ptilocercus lowii, a highly rare squirrel.