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In 1912, Pu Yi, the last emperor of China, abdicated, marking the end of the Qing Dynasty.
Pu Yi, the last emperor of China, was suckled into his teens but the practice was banned as decadent by Chairman Mao.
The Liverpool Philharmonic is also performing a piece composed for a "new" Chinese stringed instrument called the "dahu", created by Li Kui Hsuing, who famously worked on the sound track for the film The Last Emperor, Bertolucci's flawed biopic of Pu Yi.
August 16 Soviet troops capture Pu Yi, puppet ruler of Manchuria and the last Chinese emperor, at Mukden, China.
Newly published documents suggest that famed World War II-era spy Yoshiko Kawashima, a relative of the ''Last Emperor'' Pu Yi, was executed in China, countering decades of conjecture that she paid for an impersonator to take her place before the firing squad.
The man known as Henry Pu Yi led one of the strangest lives of the 20th century.
December 2 - Child Emperor Pu Yi ascends the Chinese throne, aged two.
THIRTY million people, the inhabitants of the new state of Manchukuo, are awaiting tomorrow's dawn, when the first ceremonies in connection with the enthronement of Mr Pu Yi, former boy Emperor of China, as Emperor of the new state will take place.
The reign of China's last emperor, Pu Yi, ended in 1912.
26 of Bertolucci's splendid tapestry centered around the true tale of hereditary Chinese monarch Pu Yi.
Por otra parte, el legado japones, materializado en Changchun, capital de la provincia de Jilin, da cuenta de la incursion nipona en la primera mitad del siglo XX, misma que posibilito el establecimiento de un gobierno titere a cargo del "ultimo emperador" Pu Yi, etapa recreada, por cierto, por Bernardo Bertohicci en la pelicula del mismo titulo.
17 In history, the child Pu Yi became the last emperor of which country in 1908?