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Instead, he agreed to an examination by a public health inspector, operating under the Ministry of Health.
There were unpaid elected members like Ramsey and Mrs Burton and high class officers like Dr Donaldson, the medical officer of health and Frank Sugden, chief public health inspector who made a difference to people's lifestyles and health.
WHEN I moved from Manchester to Conwy in September 1969 to take up my post as a Public Health Inspector, there were nine main sewers between Glan Conwy and Deganwy beach, all discharging the Borough's sewage directly into the estuary.
Judy is doing a man's job now Twenty-one-year-old Judith Tyrrell, who is on the staff of Cardiff public health department has become the first woman in Wales to qualify as a public health inspector.
But when public health inspector Donald Norcliffe proposed the establishment of a smokeless zone it sparked debate over the logic of rebuilding the city but failing to clean up air quality.
NOT PICTURED: John McCowie Age: One hour Died: 1956 Relationship: Shaun's brother Larry McCowie (Twin brother of Terence) Age: 56 Job: Environmental public health inspector Died: 1985 Relationship: Shaun's uncle Jennifer McCowie Age: 19 Job: Typist Died: 1972 Relationship: Shaun's sister Terence McCowie Age: 55 Job: Environmental public health inspector Died: 1983 Relationship: Shaun's dad Theresa McCowie Age: Three months Died: 1955 Relationship: Shaun's sister Relationship: Shaun's brother.
Greg Hunt is an author, journalist and public health inspector.
His later videos reveal he was a radar mechanic during the war and became a public health inspector in Leicester after being demobbed.
He's a Florida public health inspector, apparently because he has failed at everything else.
Here we think of such figures as Dr William Duncan (1805-1863), Britain's first public health inspector who did much to check the spread of disease; William Hesketh Lever (1851-1925), who built the world's greatest soap factory in Port Sunlight.
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