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If it please you, sire," he said, "the public funds are at their lowest, seeing that I have paid twelve thousand men of the companies, and the new taxes--the hearth-tax and the wine-tax--not yet come in.
If the public funds be, indeed, so backward, Sir William, there is still, I trust, my own private credit, which hath never been drawn upon for my own uses, but is now ready in the cause of a friend in adversity.
Blinds, that were intended to be painted green, kept the window in a state of preservation, and probably might have contributed to the effect of the whole, had not the failure in the public funds, which seems always to be incidental to any undertaking of this kind, left them in the sombre coat of lead-color with which they had been originally clothed.
Mr Inspector having to Mr Riderhood announced his official intention of 'keeping his eye upon him', stood him in a corner of the fireplace, like a wet umbrella, and took no further outward and visible notice of that honest man, except ordering a separate service of brandy and water for him: apparently out of the public funds.
The grandfathers of these scions ruined themselves at the gaming-tables; their fathers were forced to serve as officers or subalterns; some have died just as they were about to be tried for innocent thoughtlessness in the handling of public funds.
Observe this well: the king knows you to be guilty of an appropriation of public funds.
When all the guests were gone, Rabourdin came into his wife's room, and after asking for her strict attention, he explained his plan and made her see that it did not cut down the revenue but on the contrary increased it; he showed her in what ways the public funds were employed, and how the State could increase tenfold the circulation of money by putting its own, in the proportion of a third, or a quarter, into the expenditures which would be sustained by private or local interests.
I did receive, however, a small salary from the public fund, for my work as a public-school teacher.
KUWAIT, Feb 14 (KUNA) -- The Government has taken adequate measures regarding recommendations stipulated in parliamentary committees' reports, particularly on preserving public funds and legal libels, said Minister of State for Housing Affairs and Services Jenan Boushehri on Wednesday.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 22, 2017-Northern Trust Asset Management strengthens Public Funds and Taft-Hartley Team
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 22, 2017-Northern Trust Asset Management strengthens Public Funds and Taft-Hartley Team
Summary: Public Funds Prosecution refers accused to Criminal Court for embezzling Dh500,000

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