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public health

The science and practice of protecting and improving the health of a community, as by preventive medicine, health education, control of communicable diseases, application of sanitary measures, and monitoring of environmental hazards.

pub′lic health′

health services to improve and protect community health, esp. preventive medicine, immunization, and sanitation.

pub·lic health

n. salubridad pública, rama de la medicina que se dedica a la atención social, física y mental de los miembros de una comunidad.
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Al Sheehaniya Municipality conducted a joint campaign with various other authorities on Friday evening, targeting street vendors and violations of the public hygiene law.
(18) of 2017 on public hygiene. Jaber Hassan al Jaber, Director of Al Shehaniya Municipality, said these campaigns continue periodically in coordination with the authorities concerned to eliminate street vending, which has negative effects on the environment and health.
The guide also pointed out the need to maintain public hygiene by keeping the tools sanitised and stored in a closet.
The National Health Commission said it has dispatched three batches of medical experts on burns, neurosurgery, psychological intervention, intoxication, and public hygiene to help with rescue and relief work.
An awareness dialogue was also implemented in Hafs bin Asim School (10-12) holding discussion sessions on various topics including preserving public hygiene and the environment and maintaining public utilities.
ISLAMABAD -- President Dr Arif Alvi Thursday asked the country's top phyto focus on research, public hygiene and prevention and emergency services.
At the site of the now-demolished King Edward pub, on Denison Street, public hygiene pioneer Kitty Wilkinson once showed her neighbours how to clean their clothes from her home, charging them a penny a week to use her boiler, kitchen and yard.
by carrying out the activities of maintaining public hygiene (cleaning of streets, sidewalks and public places) on the territory of the municipality of svoge, according to an annex to the technical specification, the requirements of the national waste management legislation are endeavored to ensure normal sanitary- hygienic living conditions on the territory of the municipality, prevention of pollution of public areas with waste and formation of unregulated landfills.
A spokesman for Nexus, the executive body that runs the Metro, said: "I can confirm that a train was withdrawn from service due to a public hygiene issue in one of the carriages.
A non-governmental organisation also known as city cleaners and the environmental network has called on Ebonyi State government to cut into the environmental cleanliness and promote personal and public hygiene consciousness of the masses.
The Green Flag award promotes environmental protection and is based on particular standards in order to determine eligibility, including visitor reception, health facilities, public hygiene and maintenance, sustainability, conservation of nature and tradition, social interaction, marketing and management.
They include visitor reception, health facility, public hygiene and maintenance, sustainability, conservation of nature and tradition, social interaction, marketing and management.

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