Pueblo Indians

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(Ethnol.) any tribe or community of Indians living in pueblos. The principal Pueblo tribes are the Moqui, the Zuñi, the Keran, and the Tewan.

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She details the history of the Pueblo Indians, considers the social construction of knowledge, symbolization in the children's interactions (such as gesturing and dramatic play), and the emergence of their use of writing.
(Kachina refers to the ancestor spirits of the Pueblo Indians.)
We're off to spend the holidays in Taos, New Mexico, with the Pueblo Indians. Let's see how they celebrate.
The Pueblo Indians of the Southwest prayed for rain, while the Inuits of Alaska honored the whale and caribou that sustained them.
Visiting the Pueblo Indians in New Mexico, Jung struck a close friendship with chief Ochwiay Biano, who confirmed his own suspicions about the neurotic state of Europeans: "The whites are all mad because they think with the head and not with the heart!" With his open mind for other cultures, Jung was deeply impressed by the dignity of the Pueblo Indians who believed themselves to be the children of Father Sun.
Benedict's views changed once she began the study of Pueblo Indians that would become Patterns of Culture.
His book, Indian Earth (1929) contains exceptional verse about the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico and the native people of Mexico, and his last book, New Poems 1960, is in style and thought still contemporary.
Late in the afternoon on July 4, a single lightning bolt ignited a forest fire on the sacred ceremonial grounds of the Taos Pueblo Indians in New Mexico's Encebado National Forest.
The forebears of today's Hopi tribe, these pueblo Indians knew the night sky well, so they must have been astonished to see a strange new star in the east at daybreak next to the thin crescent Moon.
79) "In 1680, some of the Indians joined with Mexican workers in Santa Fe and drove out the Spanish for twelve years." That sentence should have read, "In 1680, some of the Mexican workers in Santa Fe joined the Pueblo Indians and drove Out the Spanish for twelve years."
We do the Northwest Coast, Vancouver and British Columbia; the Northeast Coast, the Five Nations; the Southwest, Hopi and other Pueblo Indians; and dances from the Great Plains."