n.1.A hog.
Puerco beds
(Geol.) a name given to certain strata belonging to the earliest Eocene. They are developed in Northwestern New Mexico, along the Rio Puerco, and are characterized by their mammalian remains.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Formerly known as Puerco Island, its last known listing on a real-estate site priced the 58,824-square-meter (14.53 acres) property at $1 million in 2003.
Mesa Canyons will directly interconnect to Western Spirit, delivering power to the New Mexico grid at the existing Rio Puerco substation owned by Public Service Company of New Mexico.
Their topics include frontiers of marginality and mediation in the North American Southwest: a social networks perspective, sophisticated rebels: meaning maps and settlement structure as evidence for a social movement in the Gallina region, architectural traditions in the early Pueblo Period Puerco Valley, enculturation and large-scale group identity from the center to the edge of the late Pre-Classic Hohokam world, and negotiating identity in the wake of European contact in the Pimeria Alta.
To celebrate the independence, people indulge in traditional and delicious Mexican dishes like Chiles en Nogada, Oaxacan Black Bean Soup, Pork Tinga, Tamales de Puerco and Birria de Borrego.
Vibrantly eclectic is an understatement for the mix of recipes here, from Fried Yardbird and Brown Butter Biscuits to Puerco en Cerveza, Trout with Ginger and Citrus and Ethiopian-Spiced Lamb.
Vianello returns as that Bad Wolf and the three pigs are deliciously danced by three beautiful drawn characters: Daniel Morrison with his straw house; Anna Pujol and her sticks and twigs house; and the canny third pig, Andalusian-flavoured Senor Puerco from Miguel Fernandes.