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also poo·ja (po͞o′jə)
n. Hinduism
1. Any of various acts or forms of worship consisting primarily of prayers and offerings to a god.
2. Worship characterized by such acts.

[Sanskrit pūjā, perhaps (via a Prakrit form borrowed into Sanskrit) from Sanskrit *pṛñcā, a mixing, a filling up, satisfaction, from pṛṇakti, he mixes, fills, sates; see perə- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈpuːdʒaː) or


(Hinduism) Hinduism a ritual in honour of the gods, performed either at home or in the mandir (temple)
[from Sanskrit: worship]


A performed ceremony and prayer.
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A pack of surprises, however, were handed over to Gulf News by Abhijit Sarkar, the head honcho of Corporate Communications of Sahara India, on Wednesday where Sridevi looks stunning, as usual, in cotton sarees at a Durga Puja celebration some few years ago.
Lord Hanuman Shree Maruti Temple in Dhavem village in Sattari taluka, 45 km from Panaji, was the first to perform a puja, where hundreds of villagers recited the 'Mahamrutyujay Mantra Jaap', a prayer from the Rigveda.
Hrithik announced the news on his Twitter account, marking the occasion of Saraswati Puja and Basant Panchami.
Those who came from Shimla settled down around Padamji Park, where Pune's first Durga Puja was held in 1929," says octogenarian Dibyendu Kishore Paul.
Kolkata: Chief Minister of the eastern Indian state of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee on Saturday said that the RSS, Bajrang Dal, and VHP should not try to disturb peace in the state during the coming Durga Puja and warned that they should not play with fire.
Tenders are invited for Excavation Of Temporary Tanks Near Daya Bridge And Near Tankapani Bridge For Immersion Of Idols On The Occasion Of Ganesh Puja, Dasahara Puja And Kali Puja For The Year 2017.
com)-- On the auspicious occasion of Chhath Puja, Chanakya IAS Academy Hazaribagh branch, organized Maha Ganga Aarti at Jheel Parisar, Hazaribagh.
According to a specific input, terror groups are trying to target religious places, including Durga Puja venues.
of India, would be inaugurating the Durga Puja Bangalore 2016, on 7th October.
STUDENTS from Cardiff learned clay sculpting skills as part of a project with Indian artists to create statues to be worshipped at the biggest ever Welsh Hindu community's religious festival of Durga Puja.
20 June 2016 - Indian film company Eros International Plc (NYSE: EROS) has formed a strategic alliance with producer Vashu Bhagnani by signing a term sheet to acquire a 50% stake in his film company, Puja Entertainment and Films Ltd, the company said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 20, 2016-Eros International to Buy 50% of Indian Producer Puja Entertainment and Films