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also poo·ja (po͞o′jə)
n. Hinduism
1. Any of various acts or forms of worship consisting primarily of prayers and offerings to a god.
2. Worship characterized by such acts.

[Sanskrit pūjā, perhaps (via a Prakrit form borrowed into Sanskrit) from Sanskrit *pṛñcā, a mixing, a filling up, satisfaction, from pṛṇakti, he mixes, fills, sates; see perə- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈpuːdʒaː) or


(Hinduism) Hinduism a ritual in honour of the gods, performed either at home or in the mandir (temple)
[from Sanskrit: worship]


A performed ceremony and prayer.
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But in the early years, it was difficult for Bengalis, predominantly employed in government services, to even organize Durga pujas.
Kolkata: Devotees thronged marquees and community pujas across West Bengal Saturday to bid farewell to deity Durga on 'Vijaya Dashami', the last day of the festival.
The wildness, the group, the pandals, the gigantic assortment of pujas, skilled aesthetics at a show, the overpowering nourishment, and in particular the irrepressible soul of a regular Kolkatan amid the pooja days of the extraordinary festival of the goddess Durga, is incredible.
This one is perhaps one of the most lavish and expensive pujas in town.
Thus the phenomenon of the worship of the goddess that steps out of the domestic into the communitarian has grown from the Pujas of the "Banedi" or affluent, elite Bengali families (in which the British were also believed to have participated, and which fell into disrepute for the bacchanalian excesses), to the barowari Pujas organized by other leading members of the community at their homes to the sarbojanik or the public pujas.
Their certified Vedic Priest will conduct the Pujas, Homas or any other spiritual activity with the essential Puja Samagri at your desired location.
Chapter 5 focuses on the modern public Pujas, organized by lay committees of different political and other stripes, which vie for adherents and for prizes awarded to the most spectacular and topical displays.
During the pujas, the empty rooms with their rows of benches turned from a school to a dream playground for us.
I fast all the nine days and go to the temple in Bur Dubai where they arrange special pujas during the festival days.
This puja committee has failed to comply with the preliminary requisition," Rampurhat sub- divisional officer ( SDO) Supriyo Das, who is the sanctioning authority for new pujas in the area, told Mail Today.
The rush was all the more remarkable, given the pujas started on Monday.
Ker Pujas is celebrated two weeks after Kharchi Puja and is still celebrated with the premises of the royal palace and with financial support from the state government.