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Noun1.Pullman car - luxurious passenger carPullman car - luxurious passenger car; for day or night travel
carriage, passenger car, coach - a railcar where passengers ride
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We had the corner of a Pullman car to ourselves that evening as we whirled back to London, and I fancy that the journey was a short one to Colonel Ross as well as to myself, as we listened to our companion's narrative of the events which had occurred at the Dartmoor training-stables upon the Monday night, and the means by which he had unravelled them.
She later worked for Pullman Car Company and Sherwin-Williams paint company.
Tony Rust's set designs took us easily to the play's nine scenes, from a front lawn in Cincinnati to a New York City ballroom, and from scenes in a Pullman car to a circus tent to the interior of a cattle car.
Ride in first-class comfort in a "Belle Epoque" Pullman car, vintage 1915 and/or the modern panorama car affording stunning views of the vineyards surrounding Montreux and medieval Gruyeres.
Admission includes access to the mansion and grounds, Hildene Farm, the Pullman car and about 8 miles of walking trails.
He then circles back to the United States, with the contrasting Pullman Car Hiawatha by Thornton Wilder, produced in 1932; and Amiri Baraka's Dutchman, a 1968 play that takes place in a subway car.
Roosevelt left Washington by rail in his special Pullman car, the Ferdinand Magellan (see the accompanying sidebar), which headed north as part of a four-car train as though he were bound for his family home in Hyde Park, New York.
In a statement the museum said: "The carriage was withdrawn in 1960 and restored by the Pullman Car Company.
The Pullman car and following wagons are decoupled from the forward cars and engine on a steep rise, allowing them to roll backward.
The title referred to the Pullman car that regularly ran between Asheville and New York City.
President William Howard Taft spoke to hundreds of Clay County residents from the rear of a Pullman car at West Point.