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a.1.Beating; throbbing.
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C'est en deambulant de haut-parleur en haut-parleur, en se rapprochant isolement de chacune des partitions spatialisees que les temps se font visibles, que le gestus entre l'archaique et le moderne s'articule, que les battements de mesure --ou d'ailes--nous rappellent que la lumiere pulsative et fragile des lucciola (6) nous expose a la collision des temps passes, presents ou futurs.
Typical symptoms of migraine include throbbing or pulsative headache with moderate-to-severe pain that intensify with movement or physical activity.
No significant difference was observed between the two groups in distal anastomoses, graft pulsative index and blood flow per distal anastomoses.
As Mason writes, "Dobell connected his interest in art, and specifically poetry, to his religious belief, both expressive of a pulsative and convulsive emotion that put the individual in a correct state of mind to contemplate God.