Pump handle

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the lever, worked by hand, by which motion is given to the bucket of a pump.
- Totten.

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177 Benjamin smoothbore with a wooden "Tootsie Roll" pump handle and a grayish plastic set of grip panels.
Tenders are invited for Self Contained Hydraulic Pullers And Pump With Integral Safety Release Valve Spring Return Hydraulic Piston Safety Net For Protection And 360 Degree Rotatable Pump Handle As Per Technical Specification Reach 165 Mm Spread 30-200/260 Mm Stroke 55 Mm Capacity 04 Ton Of Antimu/Rampac/Simpson Make Only From Manufacturer Or Their Authorised Dealers Only.
To pump the gun the wooden pump handle is pulled out, away from the action.
And it wasn't the most comfortable gun to shoot due to its stock design, or to carry thanks to the pump handle digging into your shoulder blade.
You could either pump water by hand, using the pump handle, or you could get a pump jack going on a stationary gas engine.
When you're done, you lift the pump handle all the way up, which breaks the prime and sends the water back down in the well so the pump won't freeze.
It was then that Snow eventually persuaded the parish authorities to remove the pump handle, thereby (the story goes) preventing people from coming into contact with the contaminated water.
Elevate the main gun to maximum elevation with the hydraulic pump handle and check the replenisher to make sure it's full.
2 WHAT colour is a typical diesel pump handle at English petrol stations?
LOS ANGELES -- Soft soap in a bottle that could be dispensed by a convenient little pump handle on the top.
that authorities remove the pump handle and the epidemic, which had claimed
The handle lock latch system also secures the pump handle while not in use.