Punching machine

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a machine tool for punching holes in metal or other material; - called also punch press.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Though he's no longer as busy as he used to, sometimes throwing over a thousand punches just like what he did in toppling Antonio Margarito six years ago, Pacquiao remains a punching machine.
PUNCHING machine Mikey Cole had a sell-out crowd on their feet at Warwick School.
lllig has demonstrated the process on its roll-fed BF 70 forming and punching machine. To produce undercut mouldings, a split-type lower mould part with movable segments is used.
The show is featuring for the first time latest high-tech equipment like automatic beam-welding lines, resistance welding machines and laser punching machine. A major highlight of the show will be a special display area for CNC metal-cutting machine tools.
Two tools are available for producing sheet metal parts that come out of the punching machine burr-free.
The Small Web Punching machine, of up to 7" web width and processing speeds up to 330 ft/min, punches complex hole designs and can be used for diagnostics, medical, general technical and construction applications.
automatic punching machine. The unique feature of this system is said to be that the machine is programmable to match a customer's molded heat of rubber.
Load-Lok has also invested in a CNC punching machine, with financial support from the National Assembly, which will lead to a considerable increase in capacity.
The company operates an Amada Vipros 357 and an Amada Coma 567 turret punching machine. Because of the volume of different custom orders it handles with these machines, hundreds of different tools are kept in inventory.
TEENAGE punching machine Miles Vale stole the show at the NEC.