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The injuries are punctiform "V-shaped" wounds and the lesions often develop irregular and furrowed margins (Colard et al., 2015; Fonseca et al., 2015), including superficial abrasions (30-43%), lacerations (31-45%), and others (13-34%) (Chhabra et al).
The lesions of PMH characteristically show punctiform orangered follicular fluorescence when exposed to a Wood's light, indicating the presence of a porphyrin-producing organism, presumably P.
There was an end of the lungs in the chest There was a vague red skin on the right cheek with slight subcutaneous redness on the cut There were no punctiform [point/puncture/dot] hemorrhages in the conjunctiva of the eyelids or elsewhere.
In addition, there were multiple punctiform hyperintense lesions in the left ambient cistern.
According this, we used Stage I (S1) for yellow-orange eggs, uniform color, without visible ocular spot, Stage II (S2) for light brown eggs with punctiform ocular spot, Stage III (S3) for dark brown eggs with lenticular-shape ocular spot, and Stage IV (S4) for spawned females with few eggs and large brown setae in pleopods.
The pathognomonic corneal epithelial defect staining profile of dry eye is bilateral, symmetric, punctiform and diffuse corneal staining, involving the 6-o'clock position on the cornea and interpalpebral area of the bulbar conjunctiva.
Then, hydrogen concentration at trapping sites: punctiform defects (gaps), linear defects (dislocations), two-dimensional defects (grain contours, mainly triple grain junction), and discontinuities (pores and contours of intermetallic particles such as [Fe.sub.3]C, nonmetallic inclusions such as MnS, and impurities as oxides).
The shapes of the colonies in most isolates were round except a few isolates which had punctiform and some were irregular.
The elements looked for at each visit were the presence of macroscopic conjunctival hyperemia graded by gross inspection in comparison with standard photographs, superficial punctiform keratitis (using the Oxford classification), follicular conjunctivitis, iris pigmentation using photographic iris color, eyelash growth, and herpes reactivation.
The position of each electrode was identified on axial ultrasound images after penetrating the visualized image plane as a strong punctiform reflector.