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pneumoniae noncryptogenic pyogenic liver abscesses had a biliary tract origin, and 2/17 showed development of pyogenic liver abscesses after liver transplantation (1 patient after cyst punction and 1 patient after chemoembolization).
After correct diagnoses were made in cases that were reevaluated (lumbar punction, Tolosa-Hunt protocol, thorax C T, brain neck angiography, vasculitis, and rheumatic blood tests) after relapse, oral steroid treatment was started and maintenance treatment was extended to 5-6 months.
After controlled ovulation induction, 10 oocytes were recovered by means of transvaginal follicular punction. In total, 6 were fertilized, and all of them were biopsied successfully on day 3 of culture.
The last blood sample (24 h) was collected by cardiac punction.
postop IOP 30 32 Type of vascular Arterial branch Central artery occlusion occlusion occlusion Day of onset 23 19 Ocular risk factor Open-angle glaucoma None Medical risk factors Arterial Bilateral severe hypertension, stenosis of ACI supraventricular tachycardia Case number 3 4 Sex Male Male Age 53 64 Indication Vitreous hemorrhage, Rhegmatogenous RD tractional RD Surgical procedure PPV, MP, endolaser Buckling procedure photocoagulation parallel to the limbus, cryopexy, subretinal punction Preop BCVA (logMAR) HM (2.0) 0.7 Final BCVA (logMAR) NA 1.0 Max.
Laparoscopic cystectomy after transvaginal punction and drainage of the fluid is requires minimal recovery time, medical care period, low costs, and not the least, is an efficient method of preserving fertility in a certain number of patients.
The ultrasound guidance allows a more precise needle positioning permitting the separate punction of base and the mid of prostate apex.11 Sextant biopsies were obtained in all our cases and the diagnostic efficacy was determined.
Looking at the politics of (in)sight and the politics of blindness in turn, he considers metaphor and domain maps; from mind to real; theory fantastic beings, space; seeing visions; dwarfs, hermaphrodites, lovers; and a plague of punction. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)