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 (păn′dĭt) or pun·dit (pŭn′-)
1. A Brahmin scholar or learned man.
2. Used as a title of respect for a learned man in India.

[Hindi paṇḍit, from Sanskrit paṇḍitaḥ; see pundit.]
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(ˈpʌndɪt; spelling pron ˈpændɪt)
(Hinduism) Hinduism a variant of pundit3


(Biography) Vijaya Lakshmi (vɪˈdʒaɪə ˈlɑːkʃmɪ). 1900–90, Indian politician and diplomat; sister of Jawaharlal Nehru
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(ˈpʌn dɪt; spelling pron. ˈpæn dɪt)

also pundit

(in India) a man highly esteemed for his wisdom and learning: often used as a title of respect.
[1820–30; < Hindi < Skt paṇḍita]
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Then Mahbub Ali rolled across the serai to the Gate of the Harpies who paint their eyes and trap the stranger, and was at some pains to call on the one girl who, he had reason to believe, was a particular friend of a smooth-faced Kashmiri pundit who had waylaid his simple Balti in the matter of the telegrams.
A sleek young gentleman from Delhi, armed with a bunch of keys which the Flower had unshackled from the senseless one's belt, went through every single box, bundle, mat, and saddle-bag in Mahbub's possession even more systematically than the Flower and the pundit were searching the owner.
'Nay - in a matter touching Five Kings it would be next his black heart,' said the pundit. 'Was there nothing?'
'They did not say he was the very man,' said the pundit thoughtfully.
'They have not yet come in,' said the pundit. 'Thou must ensnare them later.'
TAUNTON -- Though skies are overcast but the weather pundits have forecast no rain during the Pakistan and Australia match of the World Cup Cricket (CWC) 2019 in Taunton on Wednesday.
| GARY NEVILLE THE former United and England right-back has proved himself one of the most insightful pundits in the game with his work for Sky Sports.
Guardiola suggested there is a bias towards Liverpool from pundits and journalists but Carragher, despite wanting his former club to be champions, is having none of it.
ALEX SCOTT has lifted the lid on her pundits' spat with Graeme Souness, insisting: "I'm not just there to tick a box - I deserve to be there."
Along with referees, journalists, politicians and office managers who say "action this by COP" when they mean "get this done by 5", football pundits are among the most frequently criticised members of our society.
In an interview with The Guardian, Match of the Day 2 presenter Mark Chapman discussed the strain fan abuse puts on pundits like Newcastle United legend Shearer - and those closest to him.
But forget Roberto Martinez and Gareth Southgate - the big decisions will be made by whoever is selecting the starting pundits for ITV.