Puppet player

one who manages the motions of puppets.

See also: Puppet

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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We have not even touched on Schindler's brilliant, eye-opening interpretations of Locke, Plato, and Aristotle in which Locke's idea of "power" as defined in the Essay Concerning Human Understanding becomes a key for understanding his whole political theory, while the Golden Thread image in Plato's Myth of the Puppet Player and Aristotle's conception of potentiality in relation to actuality take unsuspected new significance in revealing the essence of the "symbolical order." Surely many even of sympathetic readers--this reviewer included--will be inclined to think he paints too dark and devilish a picture of liberalism, but anyone who wants to defend liberalism with arguments adequate to meet Schindler's challenge will face a very daunting task.--Scott Philip Segrest, The Citadel
The text threatens lawmakers, saying "angry farmers with their pitch forks will make sure you see the light," and resorts to language widely used by the far-right, including terms like "marionette" and "puppet player."
Among them was an Italian puppet player called Pietro Gimonde, or "Signor Bologna" to the public.
The Palatine Puppet Players will entertain with two stories for young children.
For example, original regional records disclose that the master wardens of Dover made six payments to puppet players from 1475-1610, most without any explanatory comments.
Upstairs, during our visit, there was a brilliant one-man 'George and the Dragon' puppet show courtesy of the Perrotts Puppet Players.
The puppet players in this case seem to have thought that their shows went on below the radar of church critics, but they were mistaken.
New for this year will be the medieval Perrotts Puppet Players.
Children are invited to try their hand at banner and shield making with The Minstrel Wyndebagge or they can enjoy the entertaining Perrotts Puppet Players who will perform Sir Gawain and the Green Knight followed by a puppet workshop.
The Palatine Puppet Players entertain with a winter show just right for young children.
His diaries do record dramatic events within the county, such as the comedies performed in 1623 during the episcopal visitation (199) or the rejection of the puppet players in 1630 (200); but the diary entries often refer to incidents outside the county, so that their value as dramatic records can become somewhat tangential.
The Palatine Puppet Players perform spring stories sure to make you smile.