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A constellation in the Southern Hemisphere near Canis Major and Pyxis.

[Latin puppis, stern, poop, of unknown origin.]


n, Latin genitive Puppis
(Astronomy) a constellation in the S hemisphere lying between Vela and Canis Major, a section of which is crossed by the Milky Way
[Latin: the ship, the poop of a ship]
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Noun1.Puppis - a constellation in the southern hemisphere between Vela and Canis Major that shaped like the stern of a boat
Argo - formerly a large constellation in the southern hemisphere between Canis Major and the Southern Cross; now divided into Carina and Pyxis and Puppis and Vela
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At least two regular readers of Sky and Telescope were fortunate in spotting Nova Puppis before they had heard of it from others .
0-4418, in which two stars orbit the same point in space, located in the Puppis constellation.
It is not new, nor is the communication field's reticence to participate directly in the policy process (Just & Puppis, 2012; Napoli & Gillis, 2006).
Farther left of Sirius, over the border into the constellation Puppis (the Ship's Stern or poop deck) are two other cluster gems for binoculars and scopes: star-spangled M47 and dimmer, vaguer M46 next to it.
Hasta el momento, la mayoria de estudios academicos sobre los sistemas de rendicion de cuentas se ha centrado en la descripcion de los instrumentos tradicionales de autorregulacion, como los codigos deontologicos (Alsius, 1999; Aznar, 1999, 2005; Barroso, 1984; Garcia Aviles, 1996; Jones, 1980; Leppanen citado en Brunn, 1979; Nordenstreng & Hannikainen, 1984; Perez Fuentes, 2004; Puppis, 2009; Wiedemann, 1992) o los defensores del lector (Evers, 2010; Starck, 2010).
3) For an interesting survey on "media governance," see Puppis (2014).
The Southern Cross (Crux) and Pointers sit high in the winter evening sky, with the southern Milky Way cascading down through Carina, Puppis and Vela setting in the south-west.
Edited by Natascha Just and Manuel Puppis, with contributions from international experts in the communications industry, Trends in Communication Policy Research is a timely overview of the field, its key actors, theories, methods, applications and emerging challenges.
20 ( ANI ): Scientists using CSIRO's Parkes telescope and another telescope in South Africa have found proof that a tiny star, PSR J0738-4042, which lies 37,000 light-years from Earth in the constellation of Puppis, is being pounded by asteroids.
This involved exploring curriculum documents within a historical and current context that considered the questions and aims of this research, as a document can consider previous policies or perspectives that are influential in shaping current policies (Just & Puppis, 2012).
Looking south Cancer straddles the meridian with the head of Hydra just below, whilst depending on your horizon, you might be able to identify the northern part of Puppis that lies just to the east of Canis Major.
Sara Signer, Manuel Puppis and Andrea Piga, "Minorities, Integration and the Media: Media Regulation and Media Performance in Multicultural and Multilingual Switzerland" [419-439]