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pout 1

v. pout·ed, pout·ing, pouts
1. To exhibit displeasure or disappointment; sulk.
2. To protrude the lips in an expression of displeasure or sulkiness.
3. To project or protrude: The child's lips pouted.
1. To push out or protrude (the lips).
2. To utter or express with a pout.
1. A protrusion of the lips, especially as an expression of sullen discontent.
2. often pouts A fit of petulant sulkiness: sat around in the house in a pout; had the pouts.

[Middle English pouten, perhaps of Scandinavian origin.]

pout′i·ly adv.
pout′y adj.

pout 2

n. pl. pout or pouts
Any of various freshwater or marine fishes having a large head, especially an eelpout or a bullhead.

[Middle English *poute, from Old English -pūte (as in ǣlepūte, eelpout).]


having the lips sticking out, usually in order to show annoyance or to appear sexually attractive(esp of the lips) thick or full
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I have been a hardcore non-vegetarian for the last 12 years and just before I could enjoy my food on the flight, Taapsee's puppy face expression made me offer her my meal.
She attended a party as a Minion even though it wasn't a costume party and once wore a bag with a puppy face print over her head the whole day, pretending to be a puppy.
I know that along with the standard-issue adorable puppy face, this particular canine model came complete with the optional guilt package that would unexpectedly play out in my favor at Christmastime.
With puppy face restored to its normal dimensions, Boots clearly decided he wanted to stay in the limelight, so he has spent the last 24 hours being violently sick in strategic locations around the house.
A six-year-old girl and her pet puppy face the trials and tribulations of a nomadic Mongolian life in this heartwarming little film from the team who gave us The Story Of The Weeping Camel.
So he checks out Friend B's beef jerky for a bit before returning--cute, irresistible puppy face intact--to the other side of the room.
The funny bit is that this friend may or not be good at making puppy faces.