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Any of a class of Sanskrit encyclopedic texts containing cosmogonic histories, legends of gods and heroes, and other traditional material.

[Sanskrit purāṇam, from neut. of purāṇa-, old, prehistoric, from purā, of old, formerly; see per in Indo-European roots.]


(Other Non-Christian Religious Writings) any of a class of Sanskrit writings not included in the Vedas, characteristically recounting the birth and deeds of Hindu gods and the creation, destruction, or recreation of the universe
[C17: from Sanskrit: ancient, from purā formerly]
Puˈranic adj


(pʊˈrɑ nə)

any of 18 collections of Hindu legends and religious instructions.
[1690–1700; < Skt: of old]
Pu•ra′nic, adj.
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Noun1.Purana - a body of 18 works written between the first and 11th centuries and incorporating legends and speculative histories of the universe and myths and customary observances
Sanskrit literature - Hindu literature written in Sanskrit
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The Vishnu Purana says, "The house-holder is to remain at eventide in his courtyard as long as it takes to milk a cow, or longer if he pleases, to await the arrival of a guest.
That is active duty," says the Vishnu Purana, "which is not for our bondage; that is knowledge which is for our liberation: all other duty is good only unto weariness; all other knowledge is only the cleverness of an artist.
A survey conducted by revealed that the majority of dilapidated buildings are located in Raja Bazaar, Kaalan Bazaar, Moti Bazaar, Babra Bazaar, Bagh Sardaran, Dingi Koi, Ratta Amral, Purana Qila, Murree Road and in cantonment areas.
Had no the Prime Minister taken this decision whole year we would be hearing Purana Time and Naya Time and routine life would had been severely affected.
Tenders are invited for Construction of PCC Road from Petrol Pump to Panchayat Bhawan in Panchayat Purana (L-0.
According to the Rescue sources, another body was found from a garbage point located in Purana Haji Camp.
CHAMAN, March 03, 2010 (Balochistan Times): At least five persons injured when an oil tanker turned turtle over a passenger van near Purana Chaman area here on Wednesday.
Contractor address : 36, Purana Paltan (Sangbad Building) 2nd Floor, Dhaka-1000
Tenders are invited for Providing apron and repairing of walls, cells, eastern side inner and outer side at purana qila, new delhi
Police conducted a reach operation in Spack Colony of Purana Golimar area on a tip-off that criminals are present on the area.
According to media reports, on a tip off police and security forces conducted a raid in Gulshan Shahbaz Purana Toll Plaza.