Pure blue

(Chem.) See Methylene blue, under Methylene.
- Fuller.

See also: Pure

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Or set sail from the new Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens on a kaiki boat and spend the day fishing, seeing ancient sites, swimming in pure blue waters and enjoying a romantic sunset dinner for two.
Past the Pirate gold and Blossom white, neath the pure blue sky above.
In Blue Confluence, the vibration of the broad swathes of pure blue pigments over the golden background express the union of powerful energies that collide creating a new universal event.
It's possible to take an amphibious boat trip round the pure blue icebergs.
The series of eight islands, flowing between the natural channels spread over 36 km of coastal land on the north-east coast of Sharjah, will see clean and pure blue seawater renewed every 12 hours, in line with the high and low natural tide coming from the Arabian Gulf.
For three years now, the combination of the pure blue sea, with the white soul cleansing sand, and the musical background that refreshes one's exhausted soul has been the perfect recipe for Sahel (North Coast) attendees to have the impeccable unforgettable summer at Martin's Beach Club.
Scarcely the tongue I should have chosen, yet, as well As harshness and clumsiness would allow, it spoke in your praise, Kenning you a god-child of the Moon and the West Wind With power to tame both real and imaginary monsters, Likening your poise of being to an upland county, Here green on purpose, there pure blue for luck.
As the sun set, the lake turned from luminous white to pure blue topped with orange waves to gunmetal gravy.
3 Badge Beverage Corporation has introduced Pasote, a line of Mexican tequilas made from pure blue agave.
Looking at these triptychs, one might have thought for a moment of Aleksandr Rodchenko's iconoclastic Pure Red Color, Pure Yellow Color, Pure Blue Color of 1921, except that where the Russian Constructivist's work was meant to boil down painting to its primary colors, what the artist called its "logical conclusion," Levine's wooden panels are invested in painting's history: The color of each is derived from the digital averaging of the hues in one of Renoir's many zaftig yet jaundiced nudes.
Each is made from pure blue agave that is baked and then distilled with rainwater and natural spring water in copper pot stills.