Pure chemistry

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the consideration of the facts and theories of chemistry in their purely scientific relations, without necessary reference to their practical applications or mere utility.
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The Wise machinery and the CZ-2030 allowed us to clean the inner layers using pure chemistry.
What occurred after that was pure chemistry between coach and pupil, as Stjepanovic started dominating at major swimming competitions, mostly in Europe.
These results could have major consequences for how we think life may have originated from pure chemistry," Hordijk writes.
This is pure chemistry, delivered in a way that engages people;
He studied biochemistry at Liverpool University, in part because he lacked the math background to do pure chemistry (he had dropped the subject in high school because the math teacher gave too much homework).
PURE CHEMISTRY Thornhill School chemistry teacher Amer Sheikh during the schools "rap" performance at the Journal schools awards.
They do not reduce love to pure chemistry, just point out how chemicals can fall in love too.
The obtained amplicon was purified by using High Pure chemistry (Roche Diagnostics) and sequenced with the reverse amplification primer using a MegaBACE DYEnamic ET Dye terminator Kit as suggested by the manufacturer (Amersham Biosciences, Roosendaal, the Netherlands).
Those working in the field of forensic science might argue that it is better to study pure chemistry, he said, but a good grounding in the sciences was more important.
Stanford University chemist John Brauman, recipient of the American Chemical Society's award in pure chemistry, presents a technical seminar on aspects of his current research, "Reactivity and Solvation in Ionic Reactions.