Purgatoire River

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Pur·ga·toire River

 (pûr′gə-twär′, -tôr′ē)
A river, about 290 km (180 mi) long, of southeast Colorado flowing northeast to the Arkansas River.
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We sampled pallid bats along the uplands of the Purgatoire River valley in northern Las Animas County, Colorado, south of the Comanche National Grasslands (37[grados]30'N, 103[grados]45'W).
2 km SD) of the Purgatoire River and within 820 m ([+ o -] 360 m SD) of the nearest water trough.
Similar to previous reports (O'Shea and Vaughan, 1976; Rambaldini and Brigham, 2008), male pallid bats along the Purgatoire River roost in remote crevices near the top of mesas.
Topography consists of broad, moderately sloping uplands bordered by the Purgatoire River Canyon on the east, limestone hills on the west, and a basaltic hogback on the south.
But you don't have to be a paleontologist to identify or appreciate these rock-bound footprints on the banks of the Purgatoire River - they're easily visible and awesome in scope.
Photo: (1--Color) The upright, ferocious, meat-eating allosaurus left these footprints along the banks of the Purgatoire River in Colorado's Picket Wire Canyon.
Trinidad Community Foundation (270 volunteers) Along Purgatoire River (meeting at Cimino Downtown Park), Trinidad The Trinidad Community Foundation enhances the quality of life in Trinidad and Las Animas County by building a culture of giving, and by providing grants for education, health and wellness, recreation, historic preservation and communication.
1995, 1997a, 1997b), pattern-class D is still known from only four sites, all north of the Purgatoire River in, and peripheral to, Ninemile Valley.
tesselata D south of the Purgatoire River in Las Animas County, another area where pattern-class C is not known to occur, indicates that the two parthenogens represent different adaptive complexes that limit their syntopy to the narrow ecotone between Ninemile Valley of the Purgatoire River and surrounding elevated areas (Walker and Cordes, 1998).
For the third year in a row, Trinidad employees will partner with the Trinidad Community Foundation to bring together hundreds of Trinidad residents in partnership with Comcast employees to clean up the Purgatoire River.
Pioneer's award-winning monitoring program eyes the watersheds of the Apishapa and Purgatoire rivers to ensure that water quality meets permit standards and to improve knowledge of coal bed methane discharges.