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n.1.The part of a sugarhouse where the molasses is drained off from the sugar.
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It further calls for 'Accountability of NAB and other Ehtesab operators to identify and hold accountable abuse office by NAB operators through purgery and perversion of justices and violation of human right since its establishment', and 'to replace politically motivated NAB with an independent accountability commission, whose chairman shall be nominated by the prime minister in consultation with the leader of opposition and confirmed by a joint parliamentary committee with 50 percent members from treasury benches and remaining 50 percent from opposition parties.'
Over the years we had grown used to marital infidelities, indiscretions in public lavatories, even the odd staged disappearance, outbreak of purgery or show trial.
Shirley McKie, 38, was charged with purgery in 1997 after her print was found at a murder scene she claimed she never visited.