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A city of east-central India south of Bhubaneswar. Its temple dedicated to Krishna is a noted pilgrimage center and the site of an important annual religious festival.


Variant of poori.


(ˈpʊəriː; pʊəˈriː)
(Placename) a port in E India, in Odisha (formerly Orissa) on the Bay of Bengal: 12th-century temple of Jagannath. Pop: 157 610 (2001)


(ˈpʊər i, pʊˈri)

a seaport in E Orissa, in E India, on the Bay of Bengal: temple of Krishna; Hindu pilgrimage center. 101,089.
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My days were not days of the week, bearing the stamp of any heathen deity, nor were they minced into hours and fretted by the ticking of a clock; for I lived like the Puri Indians, of whom it is said that "for yesterday, today, and tomorrow they have only one word, and they express the variety of meaning by pointing backward for yesterday forward for tomorrow, and overhead for the passing day." This was sheer idleness to my fellow-townsmen, no doubt; but if the birds and flowers had tried me by their standard, I should not have been found wanting.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 30 (ANI): A Delhi court on Friday extended the Enforcement Directorate (ED) custody of businessman Ratul Puri by four days in connection with a bank fraud case.
She gave her followers some very sound advice on how to enjoy a desi delicacy, pani puri.
The seaside temple town of Puri, directly in the path of Cyclone Fani, was pulverised.
"The process of cyclone Fani's landfall in Puri will take place from 8 a.m.
As a child, Hardeep Singh Puri was bullied in school.
The film which featured Om Puri in a prominent role and was one of his last films will be screened at Harkisan Mehta Institute in the late Bollywood actor's honour.
ISLAMABAD -- Actor in Law, Om Puri's first and only Pakistani film, could not be released in India due to his tragic passing
Pakistani film Actor in Law starring Fahad Mustafa, Mehwish Hayat andthe late veteran Bollywood actor Om Puri is all set to get a special screening in Mumbai.
ISLAMABAD -- Traditional mouth-watering breakfast of 'halwa puri' has been marked as the most favourite food item during the weekends across the country specially in Punjab where people with their families and friends enjoyed the Sunday breakfast.
The inquest of 27-year-old Aditya Puri resumed yesterday almost 18 months after his death following a crash between a van and a lorry on the A50 eastbound at Toyota Island.