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also pur·line  (pûr′lĭn)
One of several horizontal timbers supporting the rafters of a roof.

[Middle English.]


(ˈpɜːlɪn) or


(Building) a horizontal beam that provides intermediate support for the common rafters of a roof construction
[C15: of uncertain origin]


(ˈpɜr lɪn)

also pur•line


a longitudinal member in a roof frame, usu. for supporting rafters or the like between the plate and the ridge.
[1400–50; late Middle English purlyn, purloyne]
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the picnic shelter construction includes, but is not limited to, installation of 4" thick 20x24~ concrete slab, provide and install 4x6x12~ pressure treated posts, wood trusses and 2x6x10~ wood purlins with joist hangers, and a metal roof and gable sheeting with trim.
Metsec, a UK-based cold roll-forming company providing products for construction and manufacturing industries, has delivered the largest purlins project for a major infrastructure project by Qatari marine company Nakilat.
A plant deck was required that could safely distribute the plant load across a light-weight roof consisting of cold rolled purlins, transferring them down to the structure without the need for penetrations.
f] half the center-to-center spacing between two consecutive purlins, and [t.
Upstairs there are two double bedrooms, both with purlins to ceiling.
To save time and avoid the difficult task of applying finish to the rafters and purlins later, we applied two coats of a transparent exterior sealer before cutting and installing the rafters and purlins.
Such structure is composed of beams, purlins and their supporting columns.
Thin-walled, cold formed steel sections can be used as load bearing structures in industrial buildings as purlins and lightweight steel trusses.
The main product lines Dana Steel offers include various types of insulated composite profiled panels, profiled cladding sheets, wall cladding sheets, roof cladding sheets, curved cladding sheets, flashing sheets, sandwich panels, flat panels, cold store panels and secondary structural steel members such as Z & C purlins and ancillary accessories.
To make the purlins needed for its 30-foot length, you'll have to cut a 20-foot pipe in half, then join each half to another 20-foot pipe.