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The purple sandpiper is mainly grey above and whitish below, as can be seen from David Pye's fine picture.
In flight, the purple sandpiper |reveals a thin white wing stripe.
A few species of small sandpipers, however, have overcome these limitations, most notably the Purple Sandpiper (Calidris maritima), which in Norway occurs in winter as far as 71[degrees] N (Summers et al., 1990) under prolonged periods of complete darkness, cold temperatures, and steady wind (Summers et al., 1998).
Lindisfarne is not only an important staging post for migrating birds and a wintering ground for populations of wigeon, pale-bellied brent geese, knot and purple sandpiper, it's also an important breeding site for little, Arctic and common terns, as well as several species of auk, including puffins, razorbills and guillemots.
Other shorebirds noted in small numbers were black-bellied plover, American golden-plover, pectoral sandpiper, purple sandpiper (Calidris maritima), red phalarope, ruddy turnstone, and red knot (Calidris canutus).
The lakes, islands, reedbeds and trees attract large numbers of birds, including Bewick swan, shoveler, lapwing, and purple sandpiper. There is also a diverse flora, including yellow wort, ragged robin, kidney vetch and bloody cranesbill, and the site is particularly attractive in summer.
Sandpiper - - + Baird's Sandpiper - - - Pectoral Sandpiper - - - Purple Sandpiper + + + Dunlin - - - Red Phalarope - - - Red-necked
They targeted species from basking shark and harbour porpoise to birds such as little tern, sanderling and purple sandpiper, and habitats such as mudflats, dunes, saltmarsh, reefs, kelp beds and wreck sites.
A Purple Sandpiper was an unseasonal arrival on Bardsey - they are usually associated with the depths of winter.
The first RSPB Puffin Cruise of the season found a late purple sandpiper on Puffin Island, as well as plenty of seabirds.