adv.1.In a purposed manner; according to purpose or design; purposely.
A poem composed purposedly of the Trojan war. Holland.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I am not a prophet, even I did not expect the call that day, I was purposedly there for another thing entirely that day.
Senator JV Ejercito said the public hearing was held purposedly to get the feedback of people.
Todenhofer said they purposedly positioned themselves wide apart so that not a single airstrike could eradicate them all.
Both in order to alleviate their fear of selflessness and to attract them to (Mahayana) Buddhism, the bud-dhas teach the purposedly substantialist doctrine of the tathagatagarbha.
Meanwhile, Regal Oliva, purposedly locked himself inside the room of a secluded resort north of Cebu last March 18, the day when the Supreme Court of the Philippines announced the 2013 Bar Exam passers.
The National Anti-Corruption Commission made a unanimous decision to lift the charges against Yingluck and ruled that she had by no means purposedly concealed her assets, nor falsified her personal wealth report filed to the anti-graft agency a few months after she was named prime minister following 2011's general election, according to Commissioner Klanarong Chantik.
In spite of the purposedly disparate structure of these models, power laws with exponents close to -3/2 still characterize the dynamics of intermittent rarity [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURES 9A, B OMITTED].
The insurance fund purposedly avoided public recognition of the problem and its size, even when the problem was obvious to many outsiders.
From the selection of samples which you mention has been done purposedly I felt you would compare the fertility pattern in two groups i.e.